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Associate Pastor

Bertrand Waynick

Elder Bertrand Waynick serves as an Associate Pastor at Christ Temple Church in Los Angeles, drawing on a wealth of experience and dedication. His journey in ministry began as an Associate Minister and later as Pastor at New Hope Church. He continued to grow in his calling as an Outpost Pastor at Fellowship Memphis, where he deepened his commitment to community outreach and spiritual guidance. At Christ Temple Church, Elder Waynick supports the senior pastor, oversees various church programs, and nurtures the spiritual growth of the congregation with heartfelt devotion.


Elder Waynick has also made meaningful contributions to youth ministry throughout his career. He has served in roles such as Southern District Correspondence Secretary, President, and Diocese Vice-President and President of Sunday School & HYM, always with a focus on educating and guiding young people. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Grand Canyon University, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Moody Bible Institute. Elder Waynick is a dedicated servant, passionate about the Word of God and deeply committed to his faith community. He has been happily married to his wife, Felissa, for 25 years, and they are blessed with two sons, Justin and Jacob.

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